A Roof In Return

Working together to grow together

At a Roof In Return, we raise money to provide veterans and their direct family members a service for securing safe housing. Many returned veterans struggle to adjust to post-war life and can suffer prolonged physical impairments and mental illness such as post-traumatic stress disorder. This can lead to difficulty maintaining employment, financial stress, domestic violence, substance abuse and family breakdown; all of which lead to a greater risk of homelessness.

A Roof In Return’s housing assistance service enables these members of society to secure short to medium term housing when in need. Veterans deserve a dignified existence, but too often they end up on the streets or in unstable housing situations.

Our focus

A Roof In Return commissioned us to create an engaging website that enabled people to provide a way to support veterans. With the ability to donate once, monthly, or by way of housing, this website plays an important part in providing much needed support to our veterans.

So what’s next?

Let's work together.