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HealthEngine is dedicated to simplifying Australia’s complex healthcare system through modern, innovative technology. Transforming the way patients access healthcare, they’re making it easier for patients and practices to connect while providing practitioners with the technology to improve the healthcare journey of their patients.

With a range of products that seamlessly connects patients and practices, HealthEngine gives you the tools to navigate this digital economy. They’ll help you reach more patients to grow your practice, optimise your booking process to improve efficiency and engage your current patients to build and nurture long-lasting relationships.

Our focus

Our focus for the practices side of HealthEngine, was to create a range of promotional materials aimed towards healthcare professionals. These materials ranged from online landing page promotions, digital ads, printed booklets, and infographics.

Regen WA

Regenerating farmlands and local communities.

RegenWA is a network of committed West Australian farmers and industry stakeholders who are identifying, implementing and sharing innovative land management practices that other farmers can adopt.

The RegenWA program is focused on supporting the farmers who are investigating alternative production practices or systems like regenerative agriculture that can reduce or reverse the impact of these productivity constraints, like salinity, erosion, acidification pest/disease resistance and climate change.

Our focus

This new website project was to focus on being a one-stop resource for farmers and industry stakeholders. What this meant was developing a website that incorporated pragmatic UX principles and clean, attractive design.


Time to let your family flourish.

Our brand creation for Pindan’s new development in Canning Vale was key in promoting this exciting new project, aimed at first homebuyers. With this sites history being that of a Nursery, the Botanica name was a perfect fit, and the branding was vital in promoting this.

At the heart of this brand is a colourful, image driven appeal.

Our focus

We had to create not only a brand, but a lifestyle that appealed to the demographic to which Pindan was after. Additionally, we wanted to make sure that the brand we created resonated from everything from their sales office to their website.

Moses Australia

Drawn out of water.

Moses Surf Australia officially opened its doors back in 2012 in Baldivis, one of the fastest growing areas in the country. Although Moses is no longer around, it was an independently and family owned business with two successful stores.

Firesauce was commissioned to create the entire identity and brand, including the name. Moses derived its name from a popular South West surfing spot Moses Rock, and from its original meaning translated as ‘Drawn Out of Water’.

Our focus

Catering to a specific market, we had to ensure that the brand we created resonated within the surf and skate community. We focused on the fact that this business was family run and owned, and the owners practiced what they sold!

Nedlands Yacht Club

A rich history within the perth community.

Situated on the foreshore of the Swan River at Nedlands, with wide grassy lawns and sandy beaches, Nedlands Yacht Club is the perfect location for sailing and soirees alike.

They are a family club with a strong charter for encouraging juniors and families into the exciting sport of sailing. Through their accredited courses, they can teach you to sail if you’ve never tried before, or help improve and build on your existing skills. They cater for junior, intermediate and advanced sailors.

Our focus

Nedlands Yacht Club wanted to focus on two things, their sailing, and function & events services. With an active and equal emphasis needed for both, we aimed to find a way to represent both areas in a complimentary and effective manner.

Department of Transport

Western Australian transport services, all in one place.

DoT has been operating in its current form since 1 July 2009, after the former Department for Planning and Infrastructure was split into three new agencies.

Now working alongside Main Roads Western Australia and the Public Transport Authority (PTA), DoT recognises that transport is about people – connecting the community and ensuring everyone is able to get to where they need to be. DoT’s key focus is on operational transport functions and strategic transport planning and policy, across the range of public and commercial transport systems that service Western Australia.

Our focus

Firesauce was commissioned to provide a fresh new design for the Department of Transport that added brightness and ease to the licensing system, whilst also providing a fully responsive service. The design had to accommodate custom interactivity for workflows, maps, full screen views, and auto generated listing pages.