Geoscience data + tech enabling exploration

A new website design was needed that required not only a fresh new design, but also needed to accommodate the complex data library which was to be a major aspect of the new websites functionality. We focused on UX within the structure of how the data library was to be presented, allowing for the browser to easily find the data they need.

We worked closely with Searcher before we even started development, to outline a clear understanding of the way certain features needed to be displayed. Once this was established, we used the knowledge gained to design and develop a website that not only met the brief but surpassed it, exceeding Searchers expectation.

To compliment the new website, we refreshed their branding to be more consistent with the high-level of service provided, and to stand out within their specific market.

Our focus

A carefully thought out structure of how the data library was to be presented, allowing for the browser to easily find the data they need, and for Searcher to be able to easily edit within the backend of the website.


Time to let your family flourish.

Our brand creation for Pindan’s new development in Canning Vale was key in promoting this exciting new project, aimed at first homebuyers. With this sites history being that of a Nursery, the Botanica name was a perfect fit, and the branding was vital in promoting this.

At the heart of this brand is a colourful, image driven appeal.

Our focus

We had to create not only a brand, but a lifestyle that appealed to the demographic to which Pindan was after. Additionally, we wanted to make sure that the brand we created resonated from everything from their sales office to their website.

Moses Australia

Drawn out of water.

Moses Surf Australia officially opened its doors back in 2012 in Baldivis, one of the fastest growing areas in the country. Although Moses is no longer around, it was an independently and family owned business with two successful stores.

Firesauce was commissioned to create the entire identity and brand, including the name. Moses derived its name from a popular South West surfing spot Moses Rock, and from its original meaning translated as ‘Drawn Out of Water’.

Our focus

Catering to a specific market, we had to ensure that the brand we created resonated within the surf and skate community. We focused on the fact that this business was family run and owned, and the owners practiced what they sold!


World leaders in predictive analytics.

The VROC predictive maintenance software is your window into the future – we can predict what, when and why your equipment will fail, long before it does. Once we’ve found your maintenance sweet spot, our process optimisation software can then help you find the most efficient operating settings to reduce material and power costs.

Scalable from an individual asset to an entire enterprise, the VROC predictive analytics platform lets you spend less time analysing data and more time acting on it.

Our focus

Our focus was to create a new brand for VROC and as a result, successfully developed a look that reflected VROC’s innovation and expertise within their field, paving the way within the Industrial and Mining sector. On top of this, we have continued to support them through the development of all of their collateral.

Fortuna Bravado

Fortune favours the brave.

Fortuna Bravado delivered cloud based bookkeeping services and could do it all – data entry, accounts payable, accounts receivable, debt collection, payroll, super, GST and BAS. Or, they could set up a system for you and train your staff to run it.

The main way they added value to your business was by using technology to save time and put your data right at your fingertips and any device – PC or Mac, iPhone, tablet or desktop. Being in real time contact with your accounts means you can complete tasks, track progress and examine performance in real time, any time and from any where.

Our focus

Our brand creation for Fortuna Bravado ticked all the boxes. Our focus was a brand that stood out, had impact and would be remembered. We were commissioned to create everything from their logo and stationery, to their corporate profile and website.